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Kathryn Hannan                           Licensed Massage Therapist              Reiki Master/Healing Arts Practitioner

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Modalities ranging from deep tissue massage to the light touch of healing arts all have been researched and proven to have many health benefits. Sessions can include any of the following modalities to accommodate the client's needs.


Medical Massage: Any type of massage or healing arts session that is prescribed by a physician for treatment of a specific diagnosis. Sessions are paid either out of pocket or by a third party, such as Auto Insurance, Workman's Comp., and occasionally by health insurance.  For third party payment, preapproval is necessary before scheduling the first appointment.  Payment structure is done in accordance with medical billing industry at 15 minute increments (1 hour = 4 units) and Theracare bills at a lower rate than the Usual, Customary & Reasonable fee set by insurance industry.


Deep Tissue Massage: Myofascial Therapy & Neuromuscular Therapy. Deep tissue massage is very beneficial for repetitive injuries. Rather than working head to toe, the session would concentrate on the muscles involved with the area of injury. Sometimes the muscle creating the pain is actually in a different location. For example, the two most common muscles involved with back pain are Psoas (which you access through the abdominals) and Gluteus Medius (a hip muscle). Even though the generic term is "deep tissue", pressure is within your comfort level, and you should be relaxed and able to breath.


Sports & Athletic Massage:  Benefits professional and novice athletes. Different sports massage techniques are used during the session based on the athlete's goals. Before an event the focus would be on increased circulation and joint loosening to produce peak performance and to prevent injury. After an event a lighter massage and gentle stretching will help tired muscles recover, increase circulation, and release toxin build up.  Between events and during down time, the goal would be to break up fascial adhesions and to restore muscles to their proper tonicity and flexibility. This facilitates the healing of injuries, prevention of future injuries, and is a great part of an athlete’s health care.


Swedish Relaxation Massage: The application of gentle, soothing strokes from head to toe, which relaxes and rejuvenates the body. This is the most common form of massage and what most people think of when they hear the word “massage.” It is often viewed as a pampering self-indulgence (which it is). However, there are many health benefits that make Swedish Massage therapeutic in nature. Research has proven that massage can decrease stress signals and increase circulation throughout the body, promoting a calm sense of well-being.


Pregnancy & Postpartum Massage: A nurturing touch designed to help alleviate stress and bring balance to the body. Pregnancy massage can increase circulation for both mother and baby, and decrease muscle strain from the growing demands on the mother's body. Postpartum massage can aid in restoration of abdominal muscles and alleviate muscle fatigue from labor and delivery. It can also help alleviate physical and emotional stress of the new demands in the mother’s life.


Reiki (translated as Universal Energy): A light, hands-on touch focusing on twelve areas of the body, as well as areas of specific pain or discomfort. Reiki balances the energy system of the body and encourages deep relaxation, so that the body can work most effectively to heal itself and to relieve stress.


CranioSacral: A gentle, non-invasive treatment that modifies and corrects restrictions in the CranioSacral system by improving the flow of cerebral spinal fluid to promote wellness and enhance the body's self correction/regulation mechanism.


Dennis Adams Healing Arts Technique: A dynamic form of Healing Arts.  Thoughts often have emotional charges and get 'stuck' in the body. Dennis's techniques neutralize these thoughts and allow the body to let them go rather than hanging on to them. This creates more space in the body to allow it to restore balance.  When we change our thoughts we change our life.

New Client Sampler

New to the NHC? We offer a discounted sampler package of 3 one-hour sessions.  The sampler packages can also be purchased as a gift for new or existing clients.  Temporarily unavailable due to pandemic.

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