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Foot Reflexology Can Help Diabetics

 4/3/2019                                                     by Denise Held, RN


            Diabetes interferes with the function of the pancreas in blood sugar regulation. Poorly controlled blood sugar levels can affect blood vessels and nerve endings in kidneys, eyes, heart, feet, brain, and skin.  Diabetics may develop high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, vision problems, and poor circulation to hands and feet, among other problems.  The good news is that, with proper medical care, diet, and weight control leading to well-regulated blood sugar levels, diabetics can prevent many health complications. 


Foot reflexology is a beneficial therapy for diabetes in several ways.  First, massage of the pancreas reflex zone can improve pancreatic function, leading to better regulated blood sugar and a possible reduction in need for insulin or oral diabetes medications.  Second, reflexology directly improves blood circulation in the feet and hands. This can help prevent problems such as delayed wound healing in feet and legs. 


Third, reflexology improves nerve conduction and can reduce nerve pain.  This is especially important in preventing and treating diabetic neuropathy in hands and feet.  For people who do have diabetic nerve pain, foot reflexology can soothe at least some of the pain.       


            Diabetes can adversely affect many of the organs in the body.  Foot reflexology, which enhances the function of organs and glands, can be a valuable part of a diabetic’s treatment and health promotion regimen.

What is a Reflexolo-Chi Session from Denise Held Like?

 1/23/2018                                                     by Denise Held, RN


Reflexolo-ChiTM is a gentle form of foot reflexology that is soothing to the nerves and the feet.  In my room, I have a special table which is almost like a reclining chair, perfect for relaxation. To begin the session, you just need to take off your shoes and socks and lie down on the comfortable table.  You can look out the large window in front of you at the beautiful oak tree.  Soft music helps you relax. A blanket is available for extra warmth and comfort.

             Most people come in for an hour session. I start out by briefly holding each ankle, or “greeting the feet,” to get you used to my hands.  Then I apply cocoa butter to one foot as I start massaging the reflex zones. It takes 30 minutes to cover all the reflex zones in each foot.  I use a “melding” touch, which is gentle and not strenuous or painful. You will probably feel more mellow and relaxed as the session progresses. This is good!  Your nervous system is calming, allowing your body to work on healing itself.

            Your session belongs to you, so you can feel free to close your eyes and experience the massage as I work with your feet.  Or you can stay alert and talk or look out the window.  Don’t be surprised if you doze off!

            After the session, I wipe the cocoa butter off your feet.  It’s good to drink some extra water the rest of the day.  I give you a little cup of water on the way out, just to get you started.  I also give you a handout on what to expect after a foot reflexology session.  If you came in because of foot pain, I give you a handout on how Reflexolo-ChiTM can help decrease plantar fasciitis and other types of foot pain.

            To keep yourself and your feet in good shape, it is a good idea to come in for foot reflexology on a regular basis.  Many people come in once a month.

Benefits of Reflexology

8/9/2017                                                                         Annie Kopko, Licensed Massage Therapist

Reflexology is a healing technique that has been used for thousands of years, in many world cultures.


Reflexology is a soothing therapeutic foot massage, which activates the natural healing abilities of the body. It is based on the premise that every organ, gland and muscle has a specific access site or reflex zone on one or both feet that can be stimulated through touch to induce relaxation. Relaxation helps dissipate pent-up tension in the reflex zones of the feet, which not only enables the feet and legs to feel lighter and move more freely, but also brings stimulation and relief to the areas of the body to which they correspond. This holistic healing approach looks at the underlying causes or patterns of disease in the body. Regular reflexology treatments facilitate a rebalancing of damaged or diseased systems of the body to promote long lasting well-being.



Health benefits of Reflexology

*Research tells us that touch is a biological necessity.  Touch therapies promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


*Induces relaxation, relieves stress in every part of your body.


*Allows for deep breathing and increased supplies of oxygen to the body, reducing heart rate.


*Stimulates nerve function – the 7,000 nerve endings in the bottom of your feet send impulses to the spinal cord, then to the rest of your body.


*Increases energy and metabolism, relieving sluggishness


*Promotes clearer thinking as it relieves stress and tension in muscles and nervous system.


*Boosts circulation, bringing  additional oxygen to muscles, increasing muscle function.


*Eliminates toxins by boosting circulation. Drinking extra water facilitates this response.


*Strengthens your immune system by increasing lymph function as part of increasing circulation.


*Speeds recovery after injury or surgery, and eases the side effects of serious medical interventions such as cancer treatments.


*Relaxation can reduce sleep disorders


*Reduces depression, by stimulating release of endorphins by the nervous system into the bloodstream and allowing you to feel good about yourself.


*reduces stress hormones like cortisol in the bloodstream.


*Relieves pain as it works on the nerves.  Stimulating nerves on the feet reduces sensations in other parts of the body (you can Google “Reflexology” for even more info).


Reflexology makes no medical claim or replaces any medical treatment or advice of your doctor.  But it can complement medical treatments, improving their effectiveness. 


Be aware that the treatments are as good for the giver as they are for the receiver.  Touch affects both people in a healing way and you will both feel more balanced and refreshed when treatment is over.

Introduction to Reflexolo-Chi™: Questions & Answers

 4/17/2017                                   by Denise Held, RN


Part 1: What is Reflexolo-Chi™?


Reflexolo-Chi™ is a form of foot reflexology that is gentle and soothing.  It is the type of foot reflexology that I do.  When I speak of or write about foot reflexology, I am referring to Reflexolo-Chi.™


Foot reflexology is a therapy that starts with the premise that the body is an interconnected whole.  Areas (called “reflex zones”) on the feet are massaged to bring about relaxation and enhanced circulation to the organs and glands of the body corresponding to the reflex zones. Since all the organs and glands of the body are represented by reflex zones, the massage is, in effect, “tuning up” the organs and is thus helpful for maintenance of health and prevention of disease.


Reflexolo-Chi™ is a “melding touch,” not forceful or painful.  The tissue relaxes on its own, relieving pain from plantar fasciitis or foot injuries. Reflexology can also relieve pain in other parts of the body, such as headaches and stomach aches.


Relaxation occurs not only in the foot but also in the nervous system as the nervous system reflex zones are massaged.  This calms down the “fight or flight” response and reduces stress, leading to better health.


In summary, Reflexolo-Chi helps sore feet feel better, relaxes stressed-out nerves, and promotes good health throughout the body.


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