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Denise Held, RN                              Certified Reflexologist, Reflexolo-Chi™

A note on Reflexology


Foot Reflexology is therapeutic foot massage based on the idea that the body is interconnected. Areas on the feet, called reflex zones, are connected energetically and through the nervous system to corresponding organs and glands in the body. Massaging reflex zones promotes relaxation of tension in the corresponding organ or gland, thus improving blood and lymph circulation and nerve conduction. Organs and glands have enhanced cell nourishment and more efficient elimination of metabolic waste, leading to improved functioning of the whole body.

In fact, one indication for Foot Reflexology is to maintain optimal health. As noted above, reflexology is like getting a body tune-up, resulting in, for example, elimination of excess fluid through enhanced kidney and lymph function, more efficient digestion, easier breathing for asthmatics, sinus congestion relief, decrease in ankle swelling, and more restful sleep.

Another reason to have foot reflexology is for tension relief and stress reduction. Reflexology’s effect on the nervous system is calming, as it releases tension in the sympathetic nervous system (“fight or flight”). This allows the parasympathetic nervous system (in charge of rest, digestion, and repair of tissues) to work without interference. The result is relaxation, better digestion, easier rest, and a feeling of serenity. Decreased stress can also relieve headaches and other bodily pain.


A third very important reason to have foot reflexology is for foot pain relief. As indicated above, calming the nervous system will decrease tension in the foot itself, leading to pain relief. The massage also provides relief from tight muscles, increased blood circulation and enhanced nerve conduction to the feet. This is especially important for people with diabetes, neuropathy in the feet, and plantar fasciitis. Reflexology can also facilitate healing of injuries such as sprained ankles.


The type of reflexology that I practice, Reflexolo-Chi,™ is soothing and gentle. To facilitate the massage, I use an emollient, usually cocoa butter, on the feet. Sessions generally last for an hour. After the session, it is good to drink a few extra glasses of water in the next day. This helps the body flush out any toxins that may have been released from the tissues.

I recommend having regular foot reflexology sessions to maintain reflexology’s health benefits. In many cases, the interval between sessions is a month. Sometimes, in cases of life stress or foot pain, people schedule sessions more frequently, every one to two weeks, until life or foot pain calms down. Once feet are feeling better and/or stress is reduced, having regular foot reflexology sessions is great preventive care to maintain good health.

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